Things I’m Loving Lately

Since this week is a busy week, I thought I would keep it lighthearted by sharing a few things that I’ve been loving the past few months.

  1. Fabletics!

[photo by Stephanie Lau]

These bright blue capris. Let me just say that I am firmly on #teamninja when it comes to my workout gear but these bright blue pants have been making several appearances lately. They’re super comfy, durable, and they’re obnoxiously bright.

I also scored a hoodie from Fabletics (Chelsea hoodie) that I’ve been living in – it’s very warm, cut really well, and is perfect for when it’s chilly in the gym. (note – affiliate links)

  1. Real Life Paleo

I’ve met Stacy of Paleo Parents several times at strong(wo)man competitions, during which she always feeds everyone insanely delicious treats. I was super excited when she sent me a copy of their new book “Real Life Paleo” and let me tell you, I LOVE this book. I love the three-tiered approach to diet change, the detailed weekly meal plans (!!!), and the gorgeous and delicious recipes. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review here soon (whenever I can actually cook something for more than 3 minutes) but I would highly recommend snagging this book for yourself or anyone who is interested in making dietary changes.


  1. Ladies Lift Here

[photo by Stephanie Lau]

I’ve written for Ladies Lift Here a few times (see here and here) and I’m competing in the first of their Strongwoman competition series, the Ice Queen, in January. This competition is a SOLD OUT WOMEN’S ONLY SHOW. Let that sink in for a minute – SOLD OUT. There are 60 female competitors in a range of divisions, TONS of sponsors, and seemingly  more awesome things happening every day. My first competition I competed against 3 other women. In January, in my division alone, I will be competing against over a dozen women. That’s amazing.

They were also kind enough to send me a few tank tops and I’m in LOVE (no pun intended) with them. They’re super comfy and the designs are fantastic. All of the details, even down to the tags, are so well thought out and well branded. I highly recommend grabbing a few shirts while you can – well worth it!

  1. Coffee

All the coffee, all the time. Nothing new about that.

  1. Implement training

    Taking 415# on a short ugly walk (if you pick unevenly, you’re gonna have a bad time). Walked 450# (3x bodyweight) for 20 feet and I think it broke my soul. Shirt courtesy of @startingstrongman, shorts from @fabletics. #deathbyyoke #strongwoman #strongman #startingstrongman #ladieslifthere #fitfluential #fableticsmaster

    A video posted by Gabby (@gabbysgfree) on

    I have missed training on implements oh so very much. Here is a snippet of me walking a 415#  yoke – I actually got 450# (triple bodyweight) for about 20 feet the same day and it was soul crushing. Yoke is still my favorite though.

Repost: Holiday Eating, Hold the Guilt

** This is a reposting of an old post from almost exactly 1 year ago. Why am I re-posting this? Because I think it’s a good reminder as we catapult into the holiday season. And truthfully, I could re-write another version of the same article, but I would much rather work on some original, helpful content than re-word something just to get something posted.**


As I was sitting here, sipping some tea to warm up, I was struggling to come with something to write about. I don’t plan my posts, or rather, I rarely plan my posts – not because it’s not helpful (I’ve tried it, it really is helpful) but because I’m a ridiculous planner in all other aspects of my life. I live by spreadsheets and my google calendar so having a space that allows me to NOT plan out my life is actually quite nice. Anyways, back to the whole tea sipping tea…I checked out some articles I had bookmarked earlier to see if anything sparked my writing interest. Nothing really, just a whole lot of learning. If I’m not working, writing, squatting, or eating – I’m reading absolutely everything I can.

[according to the internet it's pumpkin season or more accurately, pumpkin pie season]

While combing the internet for ideas, I couldn’t help but notice the huge amount of “healthy holiday”  “guilt-free/skinny recipes” “reduce your calories during the holidays” articles. I drafted a post about some tips for navigating the holidays when you don’t feel like falling face first into a tray of less-than-stellar cookies but truth be told, I pretty much said all I needed to say last year. As I continued combing through articles from around the web, I just grew more irritated. These articles were nothing more than words dedicated to making people, and mostly women, feel “guilty” for enjoying some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Words like “calorie reduction”, “guilt-free”, “skinny, “avoid regret” – I mean, you’d think that eating mashed potatoes (with OMGbutter and cream!) was tantamount to turning into a stark-raving lunatic who drowns puppies and kittens while kicking over a kid’s bicycle. Everything was aimed at reducing calories and increasing guilt.

Well, if eating pie makes you a morally devoid heathen than I will proudly raise that flag and wave it high. And I will do so without guilt.

[yeah, that cake is full of sugar and everything delicious. no guilt to be found.]

It’s assumed that when the “holiday season” rolls around – people turn into cookie-crazed zombies who can do nothing but shove all the cookies in their face. If you’re having trouble with kicking sugar, the holidays can be tough simply because of how frequently sugar is around. But I promise, you’re greater person than your cookie cravings. In the words of Jill Coleman – “ritualize your indulgences, don’t habitualize them”. Savor all of those once a year treats and I mean, really savor them. Enjoy them. Don’t become a slave to them. And most of all, do not get into the eat a cookie-feel guilty-feel bad-give up-eat more cookies-rinse-and-repeat cycle. Guilt has no place on your plate or in your brain.

[yup, I'll have my 14oz steak along with some pie, please.]

So, as much as I wanted to craft a post with 10 tips for staying on track during the holidays or something like that, I couldn’t do it. I don’t have any quick fixes or super amazing groundbreaking tips because frankly, my eating strategy doesn’t change during the holidays. I eat things that make me feel good, support my goals, and have a positive impact on my gym performance. I also eat sugar and chips and heaven forbid, carbs – yeah, with butter and cream and bacon. I also make decisions that don’t support my goals – I’m looking at you wine & cider last night before my 5AM alarm – and when I feel less than stellar the next day, I do so without feeling guilty. When the holidays do roll around, I’m going to eat the things I like AND continue to eat how I normally eat. To me, it’s really that simple – the holidays are just days when we get to eat a special meal and spend time with family. I will continue to eat what works for me, train hard, and not feel an ounce of “guilt” about anything I eat.  Figure out what works for you, embrace it, and treat the holidays like any other time of the year (just with better treats!). After all, pie is best served with whipped cream, not guilt.

Day in the Life #5

First off, thanks to everyone for the great comments on last week’s post. Second off, you all really like day in the life posts so, here’s another one for you!

5am: alarm goes off, wake up, make coffee, take out my dog, get dressed, eat some oatmeal + protein powder + peanut butter


5:30am: drive to the gym


5:45-6am: warm up, stretch, accessorize (knee wraps, wrist wraps, all that fun stuff)


6:00-7:15am: Train


Power cleans 5×3 @ 44kg

Strict press 5×5 @ 60#

Back squat 3×5 @ 185# (grind of my life)


7:30am: Get home, quickly change, do my makeup, make protein shake, grab 2 cups of cereal


8:00am: Get to work, chug said shake, munch on cereal


8:00-1:00pm: Work

1:30pm: Husband picks me up from work, we run errands to buy equipment for the food truck, then stop at Chipotle for lunch


2:30pm: Get home, eat Chipotle (chicken, white rice, no beans, veggies, salsas).


3:00-6:00pm: I work doing the books for the food truck, writing, organizing food truck stuff, scheduling food truck, answering emails


6:30pm: Eat a random mix of things in the fridge like brussel sprouts, green beans, and chicken.

7:00-8:30pm: Do some CSCS studying with a few apps on my phone.


8:30pm: Eat some sweet potato, canned pumpkin, and peanut butter


9:00pm: Start getting ready for the next day.

10:00pm: Get ready for bed and attempt to sleep!