Three Years.

Thank you TimeHop for reminding me that it has been three years since my free trial workout at Crossfit Full Circle. I have no idea how it has been that long but time flies when you’re squatting. In honor of this rather random event anniversary, I’d thought I put together a quick post with links highlighting the past three years of my gym life from….


starting Crossfit….


to switching to more lifting, less running

…and then trying out a Strongman competition for the first time


to doing it again for funsies


… to doing several more Strongman competitions and moving into the open class



…and continuing to compete and pursue Strongman as a competitive sport.


The next three years should be awesome.

Loving Lately: Gluten-Free Food Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about anything food related on the blog, mostly because I’m pretty boring when it comes to food. I’m not a huge buyer of a lot of gluten-free “packaged” foods because, like I said, I’m just kind of boring but I did want to pop in and share a few really awesome products that I’ve found in the last few weeks.




I first heard of this company because they sponsored one of the Ladies Lift Here contests and provided samples to competitors. One of my teammate’s told me it was delicious and that I should check out their website because they allow to make custom oatmeal blends and best part? They have gluten-free oats (!) and insane flavors like s’mores, peanut butter banana bread,etc. You can mix your own and chose your own add ins, sweeteners, types of oats, etc. I highly recommend! Shipping is a little pricey so I usually combine my order with a friend to score free shipping.


Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza

*Note: I was compensated and provided free product by the company. All opinions are, as usual, my own.*

Pizza is one of the things I really miss as a gluten-free person. While there is one place in Richmond (Ashland, actually) that makes gluten-free pizza that is nearly cross contamination free, it’s pretty far from where I live,  I rarely get a chance to grab some so I rely pretty heavily on frozen gluten-free pizzas to get my pizza fix. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried nearly every brand available and have yet to find one that I reallllly like. Usually, they either: taste weird, never ever get crispy (I love a good thin crispy crust), fall apart and don’t hold up to toppings, or they’re just plain bad. Since I am all about equal opportunity pizza eating (duh), I was eager to accept Freschetta’s offer to provide me with some pizza (free pizza is the best!) and do a small review. I picked them up at my local Food Lion but they are also available at some Martin’s nearby. Anyways, pizza. My go-to pizza making method is simply to buy a plain cheese pizza on pile on the entire contents of my fridge – so that’ what I did. And HOLY. CRUST. This is truly the first frozen pizza I’ve tried that had an actual crispy crust (like real crispiness!) and held up and tasted awesome.


Besides being absolutely delicious, here are some other things that made me loooove this:

– Certified gluten-free by the Celiac Support Association

– Personal AND full size pizzas (but every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough, right?)

– Average price point for gluten-free pizza ($9.99 for regular, $5.99 for personal)

Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough. PIZZA FOR EVERYONE. #TrustTheCrust



Post weigh in/competition food. #saltfiend #poweredbypbcups

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Jerky is one of my competition day staples because give me all the salt and I really love the KRAVE jerky brands. Not only are they gluten-free (and gluten-free jerky is crazy difficult to find) but they also have SO MANY different flavors ranging from sweet to super spicy. I usually buy mine from Target but they’re availables tons of places. My favorite flavors are definitely the black cherry pork jerky and the garlic chili beef.

What 1 Year of Flexible Dieting Looks Like (in photos)

*note: majority of photos are from Stephanie Lau/Crossfit Full Circle*

Around this time last year, I decided to move down a weight class and use a “flexible dieting” or macro/calorie counting based approach to do that. So here is what one year of flexible dieting actually looks like:

June 2014: Starting weight of 168ish probably. Just finished competing in my last novice competition.

September 2014: Slowing dropping down. I’m probably about 158-155 here.


Late November-December 2014: Getting closer. About 145-148. Deficit is getting bigger as I get ready to make weight for my first lightweight open show.

January 2015: Make weight. Sit around 143.

February – March 2015: I spend some time gaining a few lbs. I get to around 146-148 and pack on a few lbs of muscle.

April- May 2015: I cut a little weight and make weight for another two contests.

June/now 2015: I’m focusing on maintaining my weight between 143-145 and getting ready to compete again in August.